Schema For Derives

There are a couple of common attributes that need to be provided to most of the cynic derives:

  • schema_path - the file path to the schema you're working with.
  • query_module - the rust path to the module in which you.

You can provide these attributes manually on each of the derived structs you write. But if you've got a lot of structs this might be tedious and/or just a lot of noise.

To work around this, cynic provides the schema_for_derives macro. This macro can be applied to any mod and will populate the schema_path & query_module attributes of any cynic derives contained within.

For example this module contains a single QueryFragment and inherits it's schema_path & query_module parameters from that outer schema_for_derives attribute:

fn main() {
    file = r#"schema.graphql"#,
    module = "schema",
mod queries {
    use super::schema;

    #[derive(cynic::QueryFragment, Debug)]
    #[cynic(graphql_type = "Query")]
    pub struct PullRequestTitles {
        #[arguments(name = "cynic".into(), owner = "obmarg".into())]
        pub repository: Option<Repository>,